Montag, 2. August 2010

Being British in Bavaria ain't easy - Reason One

Being British in Bavaria ain't easy. At the moment I'm trying to enhance my credentials by gaining the State Teaching Exam. This theoretically gives access to the German state school system and a fixed teaching position for life. In troubled economic times not such a bad idea as a backup to temporary contracts and freelancing. Being Germany however things aren't ever as they seem: I've just learnt the whole exam has to be written in German and covers everything from a blow-by-blow transcriptional analysis of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles to a steady-as-you-go translation of the New Authoriszed English Bible (King James version). None of which is ever likely to appear on the state teaching curriculum, but that, so I'm told, is not the point. I guess it's more about just being always a few steps ahead of the pupils.....

Your Top Tip

Blooping ist menschlich. So enjoy your bloopers, and learn from them!

Oops! Embarassing bloopers are all part of learning. I've been blogging as a Brit in Bavaria for over five years, and covered man...

Best of Being British in Bavaria